Money Roundup: How to Land a Job Interview, Never Miss a Bill Payment, and More

Friday, August 26th, 2011

Looking for some personal finance news you can use?  You’ve come to the right place – five of the best recent articles from mainstream sites, and five from personal finance bloggers.

Many Prescription Drugs Are Getting Cheaper Soon (via Main Street).  Good advice on getting the best prices for your meds – especially helpful for those who have lost their health insurance through the recession.

Are Credit Scores Worthless? (via NY Times).  I always get lots of questions about credit scores in during workshops.  This debate between a blogger who takes issue with the way credit scores work (or his perception of how they work) and a credit industry expert sheds some helpful light on the topic.

5 Things You Can Do To Land The Interview (via US News).  Good practical advice for job seekers, including one idea that should improve your odds of getting hired from 1 in 33 to 1 in 4.  And while you’re at it, don’t forget these two essential steps for finding a new job.

Stay Tough, Stay Employed (via CNNMoney).  Helpful research about who’s most likely to stay employed, including some interesting parenting advice (hint, make sure your teens get a job!).

Budgeting While You’re In College (via MSNBC).  Are you heading off to college this fall or do you know a college student?  This is a good guide to building one of the most helpful financial habits.  Discovering that a budget leads to financial freedom is a great lesson to learn early in life.

And from the personal finance blogosphere…

How to Use Bill Reminders (via Mint).  Regular readers know that we use Mint in our household.  This article describes how to use Mint’s newest feature.  If you’re thinking about using Mint but are still concerned about security, learning about the steps Mint takes to keep user info safe may ease your mind.

Preparing for Your Next Act (via The Simple Dollar).  Good thoughts on getting set, financially and otherwise, for what might be next in your life.

New Ways to Listen to Music for Free or Cheap (via Wise Bread).  Sometimes it’s easier to sing along if you didn’t pay for the song.

5 Strategies to Save Money and Sanity Big When Flying With Baby (via Money Ning).  Why early boarding may not be a good idea, and other helpful ideas.

How to Protect Your Smartphone From Identity Thieves (via Money Talks News).  All those apps you love so much might be loved even more by ID thieves.  Here’s why and what to do.

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