Money Roundup: 5 Decisions That Greatly Impact Your Financial Success, How to Raise Generous Kids, and More

Friday, September 9th, 2011

Here are my picks for this week’s best personal finance stories from around the web – five from traditional sites and five from bloggers.

5 Ways to Get Rich, Or Poor (via MSN).  A great research-based look at five choices that make the biggest difference in our financial success.

Education Impacts Work-Life Earnings 5 Times More Than Other Demographic Factors (via U.S. Census Bureau).  We can’t do anything about our race or gender, but there’s a lot we can do about our education.  And that’s good, because it matters – a lot.  Now, if only it was easier to pay for college.

Talking to Your Teenage Girl About Finance (via US News).  A lot of this advice applies to teenage boys as well.

9 Myths on How to Build Better Credit (via Bankrate).  Will closing a credit card account will boost your score?  Find out, and gain 8 other insights into the mysteries of your credit score by reading this article.

9 Snap Judgments Managers Make in Job Interviews (via Yahoo! Finance).  Good insights for anyone looking for work.

And from the blogosphere…

12 Frugal Compromises (via Wise Bread).  Regular readers know that I don’t like the term “frugal.” However, as this article points out, there is a land somewhere in between free spending and tight fisted.

Involving Children in Household Money Management (via Consumerism Commentary).  Good (and even radical) thoughts on why and how to include kids in real-world financial decisions.

Raise Your Children to Be Generous: 3 Important Tips (via Christian PF).  Sound, practical advice from an author whose kids caught the generosity bug.

Ways to Shrug Off a Stock Market Slide & Reduce Market Anxiety (via Digerati Life).  Blood pressure-lowering thoughts for tough economic times.

10 Key Characteristics of Debt-Free People (of Modest Means) (via Len Penzo).  More proof that using money well isn’t rocket science.

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