Money Roundup: Bringing Sanity to Kids’ Birthday Parties, Coupons To-Go, and More

Friday, September 30th, 2011

Every week, I read lots of personal finance articles so you don’t have to.  Here are my latest picks for the best of the best.

10 Things Boomers Should Never Do With Their Money (Mainstreet).  Good advice that pertains to younger people as well.

How to Answer Behavioral Interview Questions (US News).  This is a whole category of questions many job seekers fail to prepare for.

15 Fall and Winter Maintenance Tips for Your Home (Kiplinger’s).  Great reminders about preparing your biggest asset for the upcoming harsh weather season (quit laughing all you sun belt dwellers!).

What You Need to Know About Estate Planning (US News).  I liked the idea about using events in the news to spark family conversations about estate planning.

Alternatives to Pricey Kids’ Birthday Parties (US News).  Had your fill of trying to keep up with ponies-in-the-backyard parties?  Here’s how to regain some kids’ birthday party sanity.

And from the blogosphere…

Real World Math: Put Kids in Charge of Their Money (Parent Hacks).  Really good points about the financial lessons kids learn through making their own decisions.

9 Secret Ways Stores Seduce Us Into Buying (LearnVest).  The only way to not be at the effect of marketing is to know how it works.

9 Apps to Help You Find Coupons On the Go (Living Richly on a Budget).  Forgot to clip coupons before heading for the store?  No problem.

How to Talk to Your Aging Parents About Their Finances (Generation X Finance).  Good added insights to go with the estate planning story above.

Enough is Enough (Credit Karma).  If you can get past the bad photo, this is a great article that reminds us of how well we have it, even in these tough economic times.

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