Money Roundup: How Materialism Messes With Marital Bliss, Great DIY Halloween Costume Ideas, and More

Friday, October 14th, 2011

Every week, I wade through lots of personal finance articles so you don’t have to!  Here are 10 that are worth a look.

Headhunters’ Job Search Tips and Interview Advice (Bloomberg Businessweek).  Words of wisdom from those who know how to get a job.

Report Shows Unbelievable Child ID Thefts (Main Street).  Good for you if you’re taking steps to protect your identity, but your child’s identity may be more at risk.

Stock Up On Peanut Butter Before Prices Soar (Main Street).  What used to be a low-cost lunch staple is about to become a pricey indulgence.

Materialistic People are Less Happy in Marriage (Time).  Interesting quote in this article: “It’s not the money itself, but the love of money that’s at the heart of the heartache” (Hmm, seems like I’ve heard that before somewhere).  Just one more reason why it’s so important to talk about moneya lot – before getting married.

20 Ways You’re Getting Ripped Off (Forbes).  Who knew that college seniors can get their graduation caps and gowns on their own and for a lot less than what their schools charge?

And from the blogosphere…

Boost Your Human Capital: Get More Experience (Consumerism Commentary).  Good thoughts on making yourself indispensable to your employer.

5 Things to Remember When Teaching Kids About $$$ (Gail Vaz-Oxlade).  Simple ways to teach kids about money through daily living.  It’s through our daily lives that we can call our kids into a better story as well.

How Our Addiction to Electronics Affects the Environment & Our Lives (Money Crashers).  In the midst of iPhone 4S mania, some challenging thoughts on the price we pay for always needing the next new thing.

85 Easy, Frugal Halloween Costume Ideas (Wise Bread).  Have you seen the prices of new costumes in the stores?  There is an alternative – at least 85 alternatives, in fact.

Four Reasons to Switch to a Credit Union (Frugal Dad).  Free From Broke also just wrote about Why Credit Unions Are Good For You.  If these articles pique your curiosity about credit unions, check out Christian Community Credit Union.  Yes, they’re a sponsor of my work, but we’re also members and CCCU has delivered nothing less than an exceptional experience.

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