Money Roundup: Giving Memorable Gifts, Watching Out For Holiday Money Wasters, and More

Friday, November 18th, 2011

Every week, I try to keep my finger on the pulse of the personal finance world, looking for articles that do an especially good job of informing, guiding, and helping us make better decisions with our dollars.  Here are 10 articles that do just that.

80 May Be the New 65 for Retirement Age (CNN Money).  Lots of people are finally waking up to just how unprepared they are for retirement.  One simple yet incredibly helpful step to do a better job of preparing is to calculate our needs.

Your Grocery Bill is Getting Higher, and Higher (MSNBC).  What are you doing to fight food inflation?  Are you cherry picking?  Becoming a super couponer?

What Hiring Managers See When They Look at Your Resume (Main Street).  A good section-by-section review of what to include and what to leave off (MSNBC).

7 Biggest Holiday Money Wasters (MSN).  Tis the season for overspending, but not for you if you heed some of these warnings.

Social Experiment Tests How Far You’ll Go to Find $20 (US News).  Quirky experiment raises some interesting questions about how we think about money and the lengths we’ll go to get a little more.

And from the blogosphere…

The Blessing Box (Matt About Money).  With Thanksgiving approaching, I couldn’t resist including this post from my archives.  It contains one of the best holiday-related ideas I’ve ever heard – an idea shared with me by a very special couple.

Create Memories With 6 Inexpensive Experience Gifts (My Dollar Plan).  Great ideas for giving gifts that can’t be broken, won’t need to be exchanged, and are likely to be treasured long after they’re unwrapped.

The Best Free Apps For Black Friday (LearnVest).  I hate to participate in all the spending hype associated with the holidays, but some of these apps, like RedLaser, are helpful all year.

Four Ways to Include Your Spouse in Financial Planning (Five Cent Nickel).  Good reminders about how to do the whole money thing as a team.

The Three Best Financial Moves You Can Make For Your Child (Free From Broke).  I’m not sure I’d call these ideas the three best, but they’re good, and in the case of the credit score idea, creative.

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2 Responses to “Money Roundup: Giving Memorable Gifts, Watching Out For Holiday Money Wasters, and More”

  1. The Dadman says:


    Loved this issue of your blog! The blessing box is a remarkable find and we are going to incorporate it into our own family practices. Thank you!

  2. Matt Bell says:

    Glad to hear that you liked it, Dadman. Hope you guys have a great Thanksgiving. I know you have some unusually good things to be thankful for this year.

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