Money Roundup: Getting Your Dream Job In a Nightmare Economy, Making This a Christmas to Remember, and More

Friday, December 9th, 2011

Another week, another batch of great personal finance articles from around the Web.  Read, learn, and win with money.

Your Christmas Gift This Year: Free Job Advice (Main Street).  For many people, all they want for Christmas is a new job.  If that’s you, take advantage of this free help.

How to Get Your Dream Job in a Bad Economy (Time).  Any job might sound good to you if you’ve been out of work for some time, but this author suggests that you aim high.

Relationships, Realistic Expectations Temper Holiday Stress (USA TODAY).  Good advice for making sure you enjoy the holidays and not get all stressed out.  Along the same lines, read the results of this survey I conducted right after a past Christmas (click on Holiday Regrets) in which people were asked what they wish they had done more and less of during the holidays.  The answers will help you make the most of this year’s Christmas.

What Not to Buy Before Christmas (CNNMoney).  Among the many other things that go on deep discount after Christmas are gift baskets sold by many department stores.  They can make for nice New Year’s gifts.

Online Bargain Hunting: 6 Secrets to Saving Big (US News).  Here’s a 7th secret: Amazon is offering users of its Price Check app an added discount on December 10.  While shopping in a retail store, just use the app to see if Amazon has a better price, and if you end up buying from Amazon, the company will add another discount.

And from the blogosphere…

5 Reasons to Put Your Retirement Plans Ahead of Your Children’s College (ChristianPF).  As a parent, I know how easy it is to get these priorities turned around.  This article clarifies why it’s important to put them in the right order.

5 Ways to Celebrate the Birth of Jesus (Bible Money Matters).  I love these ideas.  Your kids will benefit, and so will you.

5 Powerful Negotiation Strategies That Work Every Time (Wealth Pilgrim).  I would add a sixth strategy to this list: just ask.  It’s amazing what you can get if you just ask.

Daily Deal Sites Secondary Market (Bargaineering).  The popularity of daily deal sites has spawned several offshoots.  Recently I reported on daily deal site aggregators – services that sort through the deals from multiple deal sites and then send you one e-mail with all of the deals near you.  Now, it turns out, there’s an organized way to sell deals you bought that you’re not able to use, or to buy the deals other people aren’t able to use at an even greater discount.

Give a Gift That’ll Pay Lasting Dividends (Me!).  Yes, this is a link to a promotion I’m running for about another week.  If you have an engaged or newly married couple (a couple that’s been married for about 5 years or less – okay, maybe 10) on your gift list, I truly believe this book will be a blessing to them.  I wrote it because money messes with far too many people’s marriages and that bothers me.  A lot.  This book helps couples get the money thing right.

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