Money Roundup: Holiday Flicks With Financial Lessons, How to Tip When Times Are Tough, and More

Friday, December 16th, 2011

Here’s what I brought back from my latest travels through the personal finance cyberspace.

6 Classic Movies About Holidays and Money (Bankrate).  From a timeless tearjerker about a bank too small to fail, to several reminders about what really matters, most of these movies will help bring some extra cheer to your holidays while also teaching some important lessons about money.

Tipping in Tough Times: Here’s What You Need to Know (MSNBC).  If coming up with tip money is more difficult this year, the good news is that those who typically receive tips seem to have lower expectations.

A First-Time Manager’s Hiring Discoveries (Chicago Tribune).  Some good insights about how to stand out from the crowd of candidates.

How Your Attitude Determines Your Career (Forbes).  Solid advice for not just keeping your job in a tough economy, but excelling over the long haul.

“A” Is For Freebies: 7 Perks You Can Get For Good Grades (Main Street).  If your kids bring home a good report card, here are some extra ways you can reward them.

And from the blogosphere…

31 Great Gifts That Keep On Giving (Wise Bread).  If you haven’t finished your shopping yet, this list should help you get the job done.

Tipping for the Holidays (Free Money Finance).  More good advice on tipping, including research from Consumer Reports about how much people usually give to various service providers.

Avoid the Resume Clone Wars: Tell Me Your Story! (Glass Door).  Real world advice from a real world hiring manager.

Saving Money: There’s An App For That (Moneyed Up).  Five apps that have tested positive for being financially helpful.

The Heart of the Matter (Matt About Money).  This season brings up all sorts of stuff for people, including issues around forgiveness.  If that’s true for you, I hope you find this post from a previous Christmas encouraging.

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