Money Roundup: Where NOT To Use a Debit Card, Free Ways to Make Your Child’s Life Better, and More

Friday, December 30th, 2011

Every week I scour the web, looking for the most useful and interesting money-related articles.  Here are 10 that are worth reading.

How to Land a New Job in 2012 (US News).  There are some great nuggets here, including one that a lot of job seekers don’t pay enough attention to: preparing great questions to ask.

How to Stand Out When Applying for Jobs Online (Kiplinger).  It’s all in how you interpret the questions.

Five Expenses That Take Half Our Lifetime Earnings (MSNBC).  What’s the better strategy – obsessively avoiding lattes or buying a house you can truly afford?  I think you know the answer.  My main issue with this article is that it says to keep housing costs to no more than 30 percent of monthly gross income.  I say keep it to no more than 25 percent.

4 Risky Places to Swipe Your Debit Card (  There have been some major identity thefts tied to debit cards in the recent past.  Here are the places where using a debit card may put you at the greatest risk.

Is Your Kid Saving for Retirement? (MSN).  Why contributing to a Roth IRA should become as common a kid goal as the latest LEGO set or a new bike – even for kids as young as six.

And from the blogosphere…

How to  Create a Financial Vision Board (LearnVest).  I love this idea for staying motivated as we pursue our goals.

Three Free Ways to Make Your Child’s Life Better in 2012 (Money Ning).  Great ideas for building into our kids without tearing into our wallets.

The 3/50 Project: Help Your Local Economy (Consumerism Commentary).  One of the more interesting personal finance articles I’ve read recently – how our spending choices can do good while being personally beneficial as well.

5 Things Angry Birds Has Taught Me About Life (Wise Bread).  Some surprising life lessons from one of the hottest games.

How to Write & Publish an eBook and Sell It For Profit (Money Crashers).  Lots of people dream of writing a book.  Through the wonders of eBooks, that dream is well within your reach.

Got a question or a response to any of the above?  Be sure to leave a comment.

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