Money Roundup: Feeding Your Family for $100 Per Week, What Your Kids Should Know About Money By What Age, and More

Friday, January 13th, 2012

I’ve been at it again – scouring the web for the best in personal finance.  Here are 10 of the most helpful articles I found over the past week.

Keeping Your Online Accounts Safe (CNNMoney).  Sure, it takes some extra work to follow these guidelines, but it’s wise to stay vigilant about online security.

Money Milestones: What Kids Should Know About Money and When (Time).  No, your three-year-old doesn’t need to know about Roth IRAs, but there are some things about money kids can learn at that age.  Here’s your guide.

401(k)’s Not Working for Gen Y (MSN). For young people, playing it too safe with your retirement savings is one of the riskiest things you can do.

The Best Ways to Teach Your Kids to Save (Main Street).  Interesting to see the not-so-obvious benefits of opening savings accounts for our kids.

Credit Information That’s Really 100% Free (MSNBC).  I agree with the author of this one – if you’re going to try one of the free credit score services, go with the one that doesn’t require your full Social Security number.

And from the blogosphere…

Five Resolutions for Aspiring Leaders (HBR Blog Network).  Good career management advice – whether you’re young or…more experienced.

How I Fed My Family for $100 a Week (LearnVest).  Proof that it’s possible to manage the grocery store tab without superhuman effort.

What Easter Island Can Teach Us About Money (Wise Bread).  No quick tips on how to save a buck or two in this post – just a great, thought provoking read about the dangers of short-term thinking.

8 Frugal and Fun Martin Luther King Day Activities for Kids (Money Crashers).  Make Monday more than a day off from school for the kids with these free or low-cost ideas for helping them understand what this important holiday is all about.

Frugality Advice From Millionaires (Get Rich Slowly).  I don’t really consider this to be frugality advice (you probably know I’m not crazy about the idea of frugality); it’s simply good solid money management advice.  Just as was shown in the book “The Millionaire Next Door,” most of the habits and practices of those who win with money are those that most of us can practice.

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  1. Great roundup this week! There are several articles that I haven’t seen. Thanks for being on top of things!

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