Money Roundup: How to Avoid an Audit, When to Close a Credit Card Account, and More

Friday, February 3rd, 2012

Of all the great (and crazy!) financial advice floating around out there, here are 10 articles that are worth reading.

Don’t Get Audited: The IRS’s Dirty Dozen Red Flags (AOL DailyFinance).  I recently described generosity as An Irrational Financial Act.  Unfortunately, the IRS seems to agree.

Claiming an Adult Child as a Dependent on Your Taxes (USA TODAY).  Got an unemployed adult child living in your basement?  Here’s what you need to know about the tax implications.

Ensure Those References Help You Land a Job (MSNBC).  They’ve agreed to serve as a reference for you, but do you know what they’ll say?

When Is It Bad to Kill a Credit Card? (  There are a lot of misconceptions about the pros and cons of closing a credit card account.  This article does a good job of helping you make the right decision.

Retirement in America is “Endangered” (MarketWatch).  Not exactly a feel-good story, but perhaps a helpful wake-up call.

And from the blogosphere…

Kids & Money: Teach Your Kids About Credit Cards (Bargaineering). Better to have them learn how to use credit cards while they’re still at home than after they leave.

Focus on Reliability and Fuel Efficiency (The Simple Dollar).  Good advice for those in the market for a car.  For more help comparing the ongoing costs of cars, check out this True Cost to Own tool.

Future of Shopping (Wealth Informatics).  Interesting review of retail trends, some of which may actually benefit shoppers, not just the retailers!

5 Kids Expenses to Budget For – Apart From College (Parenting Family Money).  All the more reason to get in the habit of living well within your means before you have kids.

10 Ways to Protect Your Financial and Personal Information When Shopping Online (Bible Money Matters).  Great ideas for staying safe when traveling in cyberspace.

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