Money Roundup: An App for Making Tax Time Less Taxing, An Ode to Moderate Couponing, and More

Friday, February 10th, 2012

Every week, I sift through lots of personal finance articles from around the Web.  Here are 10 of the best nuggets of money wisdom I found over the past seven days.

Don’t Kill an Interview With These Blunders (US News).  Survey of HR pros reveals the top mistakes job candidates make.

5 Ways to Put the “Pro” in Profile Pictures (Fast Company).  No matter what your employment status, having a great online presence is a great move.

Tax Questions? There’s an App for That (MSNBC).  Find out when to expect your refund, get tax tips, and more.

Car Policy for Less, But Only If You Call (NY Times).  A good reminder to call your various service providers to see if there are better deals available.

6 Strategies for Young Adults to Save More in 2012 (AOL Daily Finance).  Good tips for getting off to a great financial start.

And from the blogosphere…

Do I Need a Master’s Degree to Figure Out Extreme Couponing? (American Debt Project).  An ode to moderate couponing.

How to Find Financial Accord (Bucksome Boomer).  Good ideas for making the whole money thing work well in marriage.  And for those wanting a more detailed guide to money & marriage

Do No Spend Challenges Work? (Well Heeled Blog).  Going on a spending fast, even for one spending category like entertainment, is one of the most Radical Ways to Accomplish Your Financial Goals.

Dollar Matters: Kid Stuff (Financial Highway).  Trying to teach your kids about money?  Here are lots of ideas to consider.

4 Money-Saving Mobile Apps (Money Talks News).  The old advice to always make a list before going shopping now reads: “Always download the right apps before going shopping.”  Oh, and make a list, too.

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