Money Roundup: Cracking the College Funding Code, 5 Essential Money Lessons for Kids, and More

Friday, March 30th, 2012

So many good personal finance articles, so little time.  Here are 10 that I came across over the past week that I believe are worth reading.

Secrets to Paying for College (MoneyCNN).  Helpful package of stories with ideas about how to save on tuition, room & board, and more.

30 Student Discounts You’ll Love (Main Street).  Being a poor college student does have some advantages, like not having to pay full price at lots of stores.

Red Flags: How to Spoil a Home Description (  You’ve de-cluttered and freshened up the paint.  Now make sure you don’t mess up the sale of your house with some poor word choices.

Which Tax Records to Keep and Which to Toss (Kiplinger’s).  Once you’re done with your taxes, it can be tempting to toss all the paperwork.  But there are some documents you need to keep.

Why You Should Launch a Side Gig Now (US News).  Diversification is more than just a good investing principle; it’s a good income principle as well.

And from the blogosphere…

What Happens If You Default on Federal Student Loans – Tips to Avoid It (Money Cashers).  Don’t mess with Uncle Sam.  He has his ways of getting paid.

Giving in Marriage: How to Develop Unity in Giving (Money Help For Christians).  Good thoughts on fostering oneness in generosity.

5 Important Money Lessons Your Kids Need (Cash Money Life).  A good reminder that one of the toughest – yet most helpful – words a parent can say is “no.”

Save Money Gardening: 6 Tips for Growing Your Own Food (Christian PF).  Helpful ideas, even if you don’t have your own chicken coop in the backyard.

Focus on Quality Brands That Hold Up Over Time (The Simple Dollar).  Yet another reason why I think frugality can go too far.  It often pays to spend more for quality.

Got a question or a response to any of the above?  Be sure to leave a comment.

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