Money Roundup: Sticking Together During the Tough Times, What it Takes to Change a Habit, and More

Saturday, April 7th, 2012

There are lots of great personal finance articles out there, and each week I do my best to keep up on who’s saying what.  Here are 10 of the better articles I came across over the past seven days – articles that’ll help you manage money more effectively, along with a special music video link at the end in honor of Easter.

6 Myths About Saving for Retirement (Time).  At least now people’s expectations are starting to line up with reality.

The New American Household: 3 Generations, 1 Roof (CNNMoney).  A good trend, assuming you like your extended family!

Marriage Maintenance When Money is Tight (NY Times).  Good advice for sticking together during the “…or for poorer” seasons of life.

How to Slay Your Debt Demon: Two Families Share Secrets For Getting Rid of $100,000 (Forbes).  Mostly, it just takes a brutal commitment.

5 Ways to Save During Prom Season (US News).  Does your high schooler really need to take a limo to the dance?

And from the blogosphere…

Do You Need Umbrella Insurance? (Bargaineering).  You can get a lot of coverage for a little cash, but do you need it?

Co-Signing Loans for Others: What the Bible Says (Christian PF).  This one is crystal clear.

How I Cut My Electric Bill by 20% With a $30 Device (20 Something Finance).  It’s like a stethoscope for your wall sockets.

5 Ways to Change a Habit (Pick the Brain).  The author of this blog post literally wrote the book on building good habits.

The Power of the Cross (music video) Keith and Kristyn Getty.  This link has nothing to do with money (or does it?), but it has everything to do with this holy weekend.  Happy Easter everyone.

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