I love to teach and it is my great privilege to speak at churches, college campuses, conferences, businesses, and other venues throughout the country. See the list of workshop and Sunday message titles here, with details about each one below.


  • Ka-Ching! Multi-media college campus event that teaches students key habits to begin building right now for a lifetime of successful money management. This session also examines the link between money and happiness, opening students eyes to the many ways the common cultural messages around money lead us down unproductive, unfulfilling paths. Ultimately, I share the Gospel through the context of my own prodigal son experience. (50 minutes)

Here’s a talk I gave recently at a fun event held at a Denver bar in conjunction with a financial blogger conference. Called Ignite, each speaker had 5 minutes to speak to 20 slides that advanced automatically every 15 seconds. My talk was called “The Greatest Identity Theft Ever.”

  • Money. Purpose. Joy. This is my core church workshop and is based on the premise that a financial life built on the foundation of God’s Word is one that will stand strong.  Participants clarify their God-given purpose and then learn how the application of seven biblical principles can enable them to fulfill that purpose.  They leave this highly practical learning experience equipped and encouraged to build a financial life marked by clarity, generosity, savings, freedom from debt, smart spending, goal accomplishment, and a new sense of financial freedom and joy. (3.5 hour workshop)
  • MoneySmart Marriage (watch some clips). Money is a prime source of conflict within marriage. But money itself is rarely the problem; it’s trying to reconcile different points of view about money, different financial habits, and different goals. This workshop provides couples with the practical guidance and tools they need for using money in a productive, joyful, marriage-enriching manner. Designed for couples that are seriously considering marriage, engaged, or newly married. (3.5 hour workshop)
  • Raising Money-Smart Kids in a Marketing-Crazed Culture. From the minute a child is born, marketers begin vying for their attention. Fortunately, there’s a lot that we can do to help our children successfully navigate our consumer culture. This workshop presents practical, age-appropriate, biblical ideas for teaching our kids how to get off to the right start with money.  In this uniquely empowering workshop, parents learn how to teach their kids about money by using three parenting roles to foster five essential character traits in their children. Designed primarily for parents of children up to age 13.  (3.5 hour workshop)
  • Freed-Up From Debt. Consumer debt permeates our culture, hindering people’s relationships, health, joy, financial success, and faith. In this workshop, participants gain encouragement while learning a proven seven-step process for getting out and staying out of debt forever. (2 hour workshop)

Sunday Messages

  • The Master(‘s) Principle. Delayed gratification, the ability to put off an immediate reward in favor of a greater future reward, is such a valuable trait that researchers call it the master principle for life effectiveness.  But it’s more than that. It’s the Master’s principle, God’s principle, because a life of faith is built on a the promise of a far greater future reward than anything available to us here and now.  And living with an eye on heaven has the power to radically improve our experience with money here on earth. (30-minute message based on Romans 8:18-25).

  • An Irrational Act. In a culture that encourages getting and keeping all that we can, giving money away seems completely beyond reason. Doesn’t true joy come from acquiring more? And won’t we need every last penny for our future? It turns out that generous giving is, indeed, irrational. But not for the reasons many people assume. It’s irrational because of the amazing amount of life-changing good even a little giving can bring about in the lives of those who receive our gifts. Even more importantly, it’s irrational because of the amount of heart-changing, faith-building good it can bring about in our own lives. (30-minute message)
  • Money & Marriage: The Ultimate Merger (click to listen). Money is one of the most common sources of conflict in marriage, and couples that argue about money are more likely to divorce than couples that argue over any other topic.  But money doesn’t have to be a source of stress and strife in marriage.  This message offers four biblical financial principles designed to help couples fulfill God’s intention for oneness in marriage. (30-minute message).
  • Financial Freedom. Living with consumer debt is so common that it feels normal, unavoidable.  And yet we were not made to live in financial bondage.  This message highlights two of the most significant practical and spiritual dangers of debt along with five steps for getting and staying out of debt. (30-minute message).